From the huge expensive tour buses to the modest, cramped station wagons. Feel free to post anything related to band vehicles, such as any band vehicle you have used, your fantasy band vehicle, or any stories related to any vehicle unfortunate enough to be occupied by sweaty drunken rockers going thousands of miles to play their music.

I'll start.

One of the now-ended bands that formed in my tiny, middle-of-nowhere Canadian hick town (our town has the Guiness World Record for the world's largest tractor parade, I shit you not) got a small record deal and a small sum of cash to use for a vehicle. And being as resourceful as these four guys were, they managed to buy a busted short bus from our towns public school, fix it up, remove most of the seats and put in two nasty couches and a La-Z-Boy recliner they found on the street that people were throwing away, and went on a tour across Canada and back.
Black 2004 Ford Exlporer for just my crap.

I once saw a friend fit a set of drums and guitars and stuff into this.
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Yep. That is the extent of my touring ride.
When I "played" backup for a friend's band, we used a Volvo wagon and my Cadillac. They managed to haul everything back, including three people, without my car.

Now I've got a '99 Dodge Caravan to haul stuff. It's even got a trailer hitch.
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So far my band hasn't had any gigs yet, but right now we've got a Mitsubishi Montero Sport, a Ford Ranger, and a '91 Oldsmobile 88 at our disposal, with our drummer currently attempting to buy his step-dad's gigantic SUV. I'd love to have a Sprinter van or RV for hauling stuff, but that's not likely in the near future.

Edit: Guess I'll post pics since everyone else is.

My car (actual pic)

Singer's truck (not actual pic)

Guitarist's car (not actual pic)

Close to what our drummer is trying to buy, I can't remember the actual model or make of it, but it's similar to the Suburban/Yukon XL
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I drove this sweet DeLorean around back when I was touring with this awesome jazz band. Played at my mom and dad's prom actually, but then this bastard with the broken hand called this "Chuck" guy and he totally stole my style. Berry I think it was.

There's Horsedick.MPEG in the back left, he can vouch for me.
My band hauls stuff with my vocalist's 90's Chevy Venture (always)

And also with my drummer/guitarist's Honda Accord Sedan

Or my old 96 Crown Victoria

^Not my pictures, taken from the internets. Regardless, /endpicturespam.

We usually put drums and hardware in the sedan, and amps and guitars in the van. Works well, since we only have local shows so far.


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I'm not in a band right now, nor am I old enough to drive, but my dream car has always been a Kombi. Damn they be fine.

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What my band uses. It gets horrible gas mileage but it runs.

Which one are you?
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Dude that's awesome Gas mileage aside, I'd totally like to use a van like that

^--- And I agree, those Kombis are great too King Donkey, they do be fine as hell.
My Gear

Douglas SR-370
"Fender" Grand Prix
Fender Mustang II
Teleno Acoustic

We used 2 mini-vans on our last tour. We have 8 members and all of our gear so it's kind of a necessity, but we just bought a 15-passenger van so we'll only need one vehicle from now on. Just hope it gets us to cali and back without dying.