Schecter California Custom Shop NAMM PT-ET (Collector/One Of a Kind) +G&G Custom Case

Whats up US UG? I got a special surprise for any Custom Shop gear heads or Schecter Collectors. I have a 2008 NAMM Schecter California Custom Shop PT-ET. Beautiful aint it? Well it is available for sale. I havent really played it, never played outside the house. It was available from a special opportunity i received in which i realized i needed to pick it up before it disappeared from the market forever. So i did. And i will say i have never seen a better looking guitar. PRS or any other guitar is nothing in comparison to this Top and Tone. Oozes tone, Bleeds Beauty, and screams like a guitar shredding demon. HERE IS THE BUT... But, it is too nice for me. I am not Yngwie Malmsteen, or Steve Vai, or any named guitarist. I am a multi-instrument man. So i have no reason to have a beautiful custom shop guitar and hide it from all the people who could be shredding on it. It is the best looking guitar i have seen. And ive seen plenty to compare to. For the price, you get quality, sound, and support. Nothing more needed. And i expected nothing less from their Custom Shop. And let me tell you, its all in here. It has a G&G Custom Shop case, molded to the PT-ET shape, with custom schecter logo on the side. Everything is original on the Guitar and Case. The one and ONLY issue is that two of the latches rivets on the Case dont stay in. I contacted G&G and they sent all new matching parts/pieces as well as any pieces/parts that may be needed in the future. Thank you Mike at G&G. I did not want to alter ANYTHING, so i put all pieces in the bag from G&G and put inside of case. Its an easy correction, but id rather keep things just as i received them. It has the 3 original schecter stickers i got, as well as ALL the paperwork, including the LIFETIME warranty which was never filled out, as i knew i couldnt keep it all to myself. But there is an Email attached to this post with all specs and retail value from Schecter. In the pictures is all the spec cards and warranty cards and such.

The serial is 970683

Any offers or questions, just PM/email.

Interesting trades: Mixers (Presonus Studiolive, Protools Mixers), Pro audio (Apogee interfaces, Focusrite Saffire interfaces, Avid/Euphonix Artist series equipment), Korg Kaossilators, Moog equipment, Avid/M-audio Axiom Pro

To the Top,

5 More days on the forums and then it goes to the hopeless Ebay crowds. Neptune help this poor guitar from its ebay demise.