A little awhile ago someone (I forget who) said they wanted to do a "Grunge Essentials" list. So I thought I'd do it instead. But, then I did it at the last minute and half assed it but these songs are all good. I tried to make sure they were bands that you either don't know or songs you don't by bands you do.


And the youtube playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEE774DC64E90C4DA&feature=view_all

1. With Yo' Heart Not Yo' Hands- Malfunkshun
2. This Town- Green River
3. Flower- Soundgarden
4. Touch Me I'm Sick- Mudhoney
5. Ever Since My Accident- The Melvins
6. Drunk on Kerosene- Skin Yard
7. Shove- L7
8. Wood Goblins- TAD
9. Saddle Tramp- Dickless
10. Hunger Strike- Temple of the Dog
11. Dive- Nirvana
12. Nearly Lost You- Screaming Trees
13. Out of Focus- Love Battery

Maybe one day I'll do the essential mainstream Grunge songs. I think this list is great though.

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Yeah...not my most creative list but I think it's a good list for someone just getting into grunge to learn about a lot of it's early sounds.

One of these days I want to do a playlist of songs that very well illustrate all of grunge's influences, through to its early sounds to its later sounds and then the stuff it influenced after it was gone. A full evolution of the genre.
Mother Love Bone?
Pearl Jam?

Personally I'd switch Hunger Strike to either, Reach Down, or Say Hello to Heaven.
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Mother Love Bone?
Pearl Jam?

Personally I'd switch Hunger Strike to either, Reach Down, or Say Hello to Heaven.

Pearl Jam immediate broke into the mainstream, and since this was generally an "unknown" or "lesser known" list, I didn't have them.

I almost put Mother Love Bone, but thought they don't really represent the sound of grunge very well. They're the best glam band I've ever heard though.

I almost put Wooden Jesus, but I thought it would be a weird list without Eddie Vedder on there somewhere.
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Hunger Strike has every right to be the grunge classic that I think it is. Good choice IMO. Noticed you focused on the dirtier side of grunge aside for a few tunes. I think that's cool because it was mostly the more melodious acts that made it.

And I'd like to hear that evolution thing. I don't think I know too much about that. Especially not about what punk bands were influential.
I still don't like Cornell or Vedder, so suck it all your MROTTers

Other than them, I enjoyed the list. Dirty music is always welcomed.
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I can't say I enjoyed every song on here, but there were a few gems. The first song sounded a lot like Judas Priest, which is always a good thing. Most of the songs sort of ran together in a haze of "sameness", but I ended up skipping the ones in the middle with terrible vocals. The Nirvana tune was, predictably, my favourite.
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