Hey guys so i was looking for some songs to cover while playing the acoustic. the problem is alot of songs today aren't with baritone singers and quite frankly im to lazy to transpose the vocals and all that. so do you guys no any good songs for my voice. my range is from low g on the bass clef to the ab above middle c.

i was thinking something like hurt by johnny cash and just singing it a little up higher. but i was wanting to really do a song alot of people when know or at least enjoy. like maybe a john mayer or something??? help?
This should probably be in the Singing and Vocals forum.

Also, the majority of male voices are baritone, most of my favorite singers are baritones, you shouldn't have a tone of trouble finding bands and vocalists in your range. Low G to Ab is a good range.
Who are your favorite vocalists, and what is your favorite genre?
Having trouble with a baritone range? This is surprising. But as a contrabass (that so few pop musicians ever are - I'm basically limited to Barry White/Isaac Hayes stuff), this makes me happy to see.
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Anything by Dire Straits, although you have to have a pretty cool speaking voice to pull it off. Or maybe some Leonard Cohen? I think a couple of his songs go lower than low G but most of his stuff is comfortably within the baritone range. I have the worst time choosing songs to sing, because I can't go as low as a bass should, but can't go as high as a baritone should.

EDIT: try some Nick Drake as well