Hey guys so i was looking for some songs to cover while playing the acoustic. the problem is alot of songs today aren't with baritone singers and quite frankly im to lazy to transpose the vocals and all that. so do you guys no any good songs for my voice. my range is from low g on the bass clef to the ab above middle c.

i was thinking something like hurt by johnny cash and just singing it a little up higher. but i was wanting to really do a song alot of people when know or at least enjoy. like maybe a john mayer or something??? help?
Foo Fighters might be easy to do. I'm not much of a singer but my bands singer is a baritone and he does FF and sometimes Red Jumpsuit Apparatus' Your Guardian Angel. Johnny Cash is a pretty good choice for low vocals. If you're into modern country Josh Turner is a lower singer with recognizable songs. I'm not sure what notes they are hitting but dont limit yourself on range. If you limit yourself you will create a blockage in your mind of what you can, and cannot do. Hope I was somewhat helpful.
Oh, I forgot to mention, if you are good with falsettos, try Alter Bridges' Watch Over You. Its a real easy song, just do a falsetto for the bridge when he goes high.