GUITAR PLAYERS, watch this:

https://vimeo.com/39783925 (or click the pic)

We are releasing our first guitar amp plugin!
At the same time we are introducing our new technology of capturing the sound of a complete studio setup, not just the amp and a mic!

We are starting with the BRAINWORX NEVE Studio (Brainworx Studios), but we have scheduled a session for one of the hottest rock guitar sound studios in LA already for the end of April!

What you can see and hear in the video is our plugin. Period. It offers 3 modeled amps, played through a MARSHALL 1960 TV 4x12 speaker, recorded with a VINTAGE NEUMANN CMV-563 microphone, a TELEFUNKEN V76 mic preamp, eq-ed with our NEVE VXS 72 console.

More audio examples and info soon! Please stay tuned.
Info: www.plugin-alliance.com

Dirk & the BX team.
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