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I am bored so I am going to work out roughly what everything in my room would cost.

Like if the house burned down, how much would you have to pay to get everything back.

Mine works out at around £8,500.
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comp + comp gear = 2000$
guitar gear = 2500$
bed = 500$
bongs = 200$
20 grams of kush = 130$

Sooooo I wouldn't be happy.
Why do you want to know? So you know whose house to rob?
*checks to make sure you don't live near me*

I'm gonna go with 2200 USD.

edit: I'm gonna say 2700 USD. I forgot guitar effects pedals and this portable electric grilling thing.
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I reckon around £14,000 in my bedroom. £12,500 are actually books and materials from Law School that you can't get anywhere else.
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Somewhere in the $15,000-$20,000 range, excluding the checkbook and bond certificates.

I might also point out that some of that is firearms...
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TS high as fuck, trying to rob people and shit.
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Right that's all the info I need.

Heh heh.... That's why I pointed that out
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comp + comp gear = 2000$
guitar gear = 2500$
bed = 500$
bongs = 200$
20 grams of kush = 130$

Sooooo I wouldn't be happy.

Bet you're ignoring CDs, dressers, clothing, books...etc...

I can't imagine it, and I try not to.
£2100 worth of guitars/amps/pedals, actually more than that but Ive no idea how much my 63 Burns is worth.
Probably about 2 grand worth of electronic stuff, xbox/tv/laptop/ipod etc
Over a grands worth of cds, probably a similar amount of books
At least a grands worth of clothes.
About £300 in money itself.
A few hundred pounds worth of remote control cars.
Furniture wise no idea, probably a few thousand.
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I'm not really too familiar with the going rates of various vital organs on the black market, so I'm not too sure. I probably don't plan on selling any of them though.
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£2000 for my computer. That's the only valuable thing I own really though.
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About 1500 usd, I don't keep my stuff in my room though?
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I unno.
Depending on how much I could get for second hand books and shizz, somehwere between £3000 and £4000, I guess.
I have a lot of books.
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Probably about $700, though I just sent about another hundred or so back home.

EDIT: That's more like what it's worth now (and a conservative estimate at that), like what I could get on ebay for it, if I rebought everything new it'd be at least double what I just said
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The electronics probably put it at $1500, then when you add all the books, movies, CDs, and so forth I'd say ~$2000-$2200.
edit: Aw shit furniture. $3000-3500. Probably more. I don't really know how much things are worth.
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Around $7,000-$7,500 USD. Instruments and gear contributing to most of that. Oddly enough my clarinet is the most expensive at $1,500. What's up with that?
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There are a lot of things in my room that I wouldn't pay to get back.

It'd probably cost me more to get my books replaced than anything else.
Or a mattress. Those things are pretty expensive, too.
About £1000ish, I guess.
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My room itself? Around 2500$ mostly clothing.
My house at least 25000$, and all my expensive shit isn't even here.
My comics and hockey stuff alone is close to 15000$, let alone my coin/ precious metal collection.
All that stuff is locked up tight.
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