Wow... Man im not sure how old you are but that was f#cking impressive! I've always admired Andy and his playing ability and obviously you do to. I wish I could play his songs like that. You earned a "like" from me.Keep up the hard work man, if you can play like this already your going to go places. If you wouldnt mind doing a C4C I'd really appreciate your thoughts on any of the covers I've done. I'll post a link to them below if you have the time.
Hey thanks a lot! I am actually 20 years old and love doing this! I checked out some of your videos as well, right up my alley with Old Crow, Mumford, Bob Dylan... I posted on you Wagon Wheel forum!
Man that was awesome!!! Not sure how many times you've been asked this, but could you possibly make a tab on it! Or a tutorial?? If not, how'd you learn it?? I've been playing guitar for almost a year now, i wanted to play this song. Are you just strumming at the beginning or are you picking each string? Anyway man keep playin! Thats awesome sounding!!!!