Looking for a jam buddy in NW London/Middlesex area.

27 y/o competent guitarist who plays rock, rock n roll and indie.
Hey man. Im a 22 year old guitarist. I honestly dont know how i would rate myself but probably competant! What kind of stuff would you like to jam? My fav band is alter bridge and i have some of my own material but not all recorded/recorded well.
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Hey, drummer / bass player, 25 live near uxbridge, work a lot but desperately looking into getting some creativity / music writing. Punk, Rock, Metal, I'm into most things really, favourite bands range from Metallica & Sabbath, to fun bands like Flogging Molly, to stuff like Rage Against the Machine, SOAD and a bit of Crass. Give me a shout either of you or both of you, maybe we can get something sorted? terry.harris@me.com
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Hey, I'm a 25 year old guitarist living in the Finsbury Park area of London looking for a jamming buddy. I don't really know how to rate myself, but I'd say I'm fairly competant at both rhythm and lead stuff! Mainly into rock/indie - give me a shout if you fancy having a jam!