So I was looking what would happen if I'd put an overdrive pedal on clean channel of my
Marshall AVT20 ( btw Condolences to Jim Marshall), something like MXR GT-OD and turn the clean channel gain to 14:00 ( something like 7 that would be) and as I am using Dimarzio Evolutions, I'd like to get a better distortion tone. I like the sound of GT-OD mostly and want to get more gain with it simply. I did make a research but i couldn't find a similar idea about boosting the clean channel for getting distortion instead of just putting and OD or distortion. It already sounds like it's overdriven like hell on gain at 6 with bridge pickup, and gain at 10 is a real heavy distortion sound on clean channel. I like sound of amp distortions and mine is not that bad for home use aswell, but now I want to buy new pedals I can use somewhere else and in search for new tones.

So simply Is it a good idea to boost clean channel?
May I instead get a distortion pedal?
What would you recommend as a distortion pedal to get a nice amp like sound( with ot without tubes, but possible something not too expensive, like same price range with MXR-Boss pedals, but not as expensive as Blackstar HT-dual or something else) ?
I am looking for a pedal that can get rock overdrive and metal distortion together.
But I can also buy a pair of one OD and one Distortion together.

Thx for help
I'm confused as to what your asking/saying, so I'll just say, you need a better amp. AVTs have okay gain but the clean channel is garbage. If you're not playing out, look for a used Epiphone Valve Jr. They go used for bout $100. They take pedals well and IMO make the perfect home practice amp. Way better tone than an Avt.
You don't boost an AVT and you certainly don't boost the clean channel. Just find a pedal where you like the sound that it produces. Put this boosting idea out of your head, that's for guys with tube preamps.

Rephrase your question to something like "what pedal will get me a sound similar to <insert youtube clip of artist> in front of a clean amp."
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Ok well that's late reply maybe but, that was just an idea. Whatever. I don't have quite the budget to get a new amp around as I can't find some used stuff for great deals, so lets say I just wan't to buy some pedals. Even if clean channel of my amp sucks, still I am stuck with it and there's nothing I can do. So now, I want a pedal that is versatile between amounts of gain and tone (can be an overdrive and a distortion together either), which I'll use more scooped tones with distortion and mid boost with overdrive, and I am using Dimarzio Evolutions, Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output mV: 404
DC Resistance: 13.84 Kohm

Treble 6.5, Mid 7.0, Bass 6.0 on bridge, which I'll use it mostly with distortion

Wiring: 4 Conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output mV: 294
DC Resistance: 13.04 Kohm

Treble 6.5
Mid 6.0
Bass6.0 on the neck which I'll use mostly with ovedrive and also an Ibanez S1 single in the mid, Alnico 5 pickup which I couldn't find much info on. So what you'd recommend with these? Please ignore the amp model from now on (only that I can't use fx loop is important) And I look for a more british sound overal.
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Try a Marshall Guv'nor pedal. Should suit your amp pretty well! Very convincing Marshall drive tone for a pedal. Sounds best as a boost to me, but also has enough gain to get pretty heavy on a fully clean channel