I'm looking at getting a additional amp, only really for home use.

I currently have a Line 6 Spider IV 120 which is great for most things but does not give me that Marshall tone I always want.

I'm looking at the Marshall JMD501 or Marshall JCM 1-C (yes I know it's only 1 watt).
I think the JMD501 will give me the sound I'm looking with the option of built in effects and amp models, but I love the 80's JCM Marshall sound so not sure which to pick.
why cant you go used??

For £700 you could easily find a Marshall JVM410 or JVM210 for that on eBay or the used market in general, and you'd be sorted for all the marshall tones really. It gets a bit of a bashing on this forum but i quite like it, wont do the uber brutal metal stuff but everything else it handles very well
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Go used. Get a DSL100 and 1936.


This so hard.

Or consider a Vintage Modern or used JCM 800 2203/2204 head or combo as well.
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I little JCM2000 DSL401 might do the trick too, especially with a fresh set of tubes.
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I wouldn't go with the 1 watt Marshalls. The JTM sounded alright. Good enough for a practice amp. But, you'll out grow it very quick. I was bored of it after about half hour of noodling in a shop. It's not very versatile at all. And for the asking price, it's awful.