I have noticed recently that my ESP MH-100QM has been dropping in pitch on almost all the strings just a few minutes of playing after being tuned again. If it makes any difference, I usually have the fret locks tightly locked in so I use the Floyd Rose bridge to tune, and even then the tuning wheels (or whatever they are) on that never tune high enough before not being able to go in any further. Then I have to get an Allen key to unscrew the fret locks and use the tuning pegs (on the headstock) to tune it after loosening the bridge tuners a bit.

That may look like quite a lot to read, but to put it bluntly, my guitar is dropping in pitch a few minutes just after I've tuned it with the bridge. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening and how to stop it?
If you want a floyd to stay in tune stop tuning it the way you are, and stick a piece of wood in between the tail of the bridge (underside) and the body of the guitar. Making sure the wood is the proper size so the bridge is flush (topside) with the body of the guitar. Honestly, floyds are nice but they are flawed just like every floating bridge they will never stay in tune perfectly.

The wood trick solved all my tuning problems, it wasn't new strings, it wasn't old strings, it wasn't the strings slipping through the locking nuts, it wasn't the pegs slipping.. It was the bridge floating way too much for someone that doesn't ever use a whammy. Oh ya, the piece of wood means no dive bombing.. But Ill sacrifice that any day to stay in tune.

It honestly feels like a brand new guitar now.. If you really must use the whammy though, you will have to put more springs on to hold the bridge better.. That is the problem with these setups..

I actually wish floyd would make sure all these bridges ship with an optional locking method so that bridge can be set to never float..

p.s Make sure your intonation is dead on.. You can find youtbues videos on how to adjust that but that will also affect tuning to an extent. The D strings are notorious for being outta whack on all guitars I have ever had even acoustics..

Make sure the 12th fret noted, played open, and harmonic are all the same pitch on all strings.. easy to do with a tuner and adjust as necessary.
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