I have some buzz going on my big E string and it only seems to be a problem on the first fret. I have adjusted the bridge as far as it can go for that string and so I had to lift the tailpiece up quite a bit which of course effects all the strings and sucks because it's just the first fret that seems to be the problem.

Has anyone else had a single fret problem they were able to fix with relative ease? Can I put something in the nut the next time I change strings to lift that one string or can I take it in to see if there is an easy fix for that single fret that won't deplete my wallet but give me good action like my B and e strings and good intonation?

Super glue in nut is what people usually suggest for that low on the neck.
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I have tht same problem on the 11th fret of my high E string =/
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If it is just that one fret, there is a good chance that the fret is higher than the others and it just needs to be leveled. Since it is near the top of the neck, it might be a truss rod issue or possibly that the nut is slotted too low.

There should be about .20000 +/- of an inch clearance on the first fret.
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