Hi guys,i have a marshall valvestate vs30R and i would like to know which tone is for old school Metallica

Gain: ?
Bass: ?
Contour: ?
Treble: ?
There's a thread in one of the other forums with gear settings. It's either in the electric guitar or the gear & accessories forum. I'm guessing Metallica would be in it somewhere.
You won't get too close with a valvestate.
Also, it depends hugely on your guitar. Ah, beloved settings threads...
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What you really need is a new amp, or fogmachine.

Really what you need is an OD or Distortion pedal.
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I believe for Ride The Lightning, they used a Marshall with some sort of OD or distortion pedal but I cant remember what it was. Its probably on the interwebz somewhere. I would say high gain, highish bass, scooped mids, highish treble.

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