I recently got my Gibson LP doublecut re fretted with steel frets to eliminate buzzing. The guy seemed great and he was highly recommended. However, there is still some buzzing, and it seems to resonate louder even though there is less as if the steel amplifies it. This bothers me because I spent a lot of money to make my guitar perfect, and while it's great, it's not exactly right.
I'm gonna take it in for a free set up and have him explain how to do some basics myself, do think that'll take care of it? Or is that just life and this guitar will always be like that?
ask him when you take it back in. Also is this buzzing coming thru the amp on a clean and/or slightly pushed channel or just acousticly to your ear?
After running through delay, it seems to not come through. Could it be that steels are more sensitive to poor fretting technique (not all the way fretted/ fretted in the middle of the fret)?
Fret buzz is usually a setup problem. Check to see if the action isn't too low.
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