She kisses me in two stages
first, she comes in smiling
puts her arms around me, pulls herself close
and closes her eyes at the last second
like I'm all she's ever wanted
Then she remembers what i taught her
with one hand on my chest and the other on my jaw
she pushes me back
squeezing until her knuckles turn white
just barely touching her lips to mine
as if she hates me
and she's just dreaming of the night she'll cut my throat in my sleep

but it's just not the same
I really liked this, but one thing that I didn't quite get was the last line. Made me feel uncomfortable towards everything else. What is just not the same ? Everything ? The way she barely touches your lips ? The way she does what you taught her ?

Made me feel intrigued and moved me in a strange way, which is good in my point of view because it connected with me. I don't know if it's supposed to leave the readers in the open, or if I just didn't get the point.

Nonetheless, this was great.