I am currently running my POD through a Vox VT15 with dissapointing results and I have been advised to run it through a Power Amp and Cab. What are your suggestions ?
My suggestion for any power amp for modelling would be Atomic Reactor.
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I am in the UK and they don't seem to be on sale here. Would the Tech 21 Power Engine be suitable ?
First of all, we gotta figure out what kind of tubes you want. What are your favorite amps to emulate?
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Well, I am using the Deluxe Reverb and the JCM-800 models but mainly the Deluxe Reverb if thats any help.

Cool little article. Worth a read for sure.

I'm really not sure if you should go tube or not, TBH. I think I would, but it's not going to be as flat-response as a solid state power section. Your JCM would sound weird.
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So i've got the pod hd pro and i'm going to give you my personal take. I'm running mine into a rocktron velocity 300 and into a orange 2x12 with vintage 30's. It sounds wonderful and imo beats out a lot of midrange tube amps if you take a little time to play with the amp settings.

You can run the pod into a tube power amp but personally it takes away a lot of the advantages of the unit in the first place. Your going to have to deal with tube maintenance and you'll have to still crank your amp (to an extent) to get the right tone.

IMO, the Rocktron 300's tube warmth sim paired with the pod hd's tube sims working together makes a really good tone that is very close to a tube but also has a lot of clarity which can be hard to do with a lot of tube rigs. Not to mention the cost of that ss power amp is much less.

TLDR Tubes are good but you can still get a very good tone with a SS power amp like the Rocktron 300 and avoid the drawbacks of going tube. You won't beat out a mesa dual recto or a Splawn head but you'll sound awesome. Make sure you change the setting of the pod to match what type of cab you use (combo, 4x12, etc).

Hope a different perspective from someone who has had a lot of experience with tube amps helps.