How do you guys feel about music visualizers?

I personally love them, especially when I'm listening to ambient/dreamy/psychedelic type stuff; really enhances experience for me

For those of you that enjoy them, know of any third party ones that are great? The iTunes one just isn't cutting it for me anymore
I don't like them. I find it more enjoyable to just stare at a picture the album cover.
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Well the one on the xbox isn't good for the Mary Jane. It's good for LSD and Shroom trips. There's a few on the computer that are trippy.
I like em when im high
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I'm usually doing something else when I'm listening to music, so I've disabled them.
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it makes me weirdly uncomfortable when it doesn't match the imagery the music makes me think of
I liked em in junior high but now I think they're dumb. I like my own imagery and thoughts. Also i'm always multitasking while listening to music anyway.
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I don't use em because they don't go well with jazz or folk which is pretty much all I listen to, but i've used em before with some progressive rock and they can be pretty cool.

I don't have any to recommend though, sorry
They're pretty lame, but awesome when you're messed up somehow. Like light shows.

Rave club.

Sober Me: Ha, what a buncha queers!

Rave club.

Rollin' Me: Holy shit duuuuude, d'you see that???

same with visualizers.
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beat hazard

holy shit

beat hazard + dubstep = ****ing intense.
I don't use them much but Milkdrop is cool
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holy shit

beat hazard + dubstep = ****ing intense.

Sometimes too intense
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I just like watching the oscilloscope, if anything
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I don't really use them. Well not since I stopped using WMP in which case I just set that to display the album art.
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I never use them. I just close my eyes. The less focus I'm giving with my eyes, the more I can give with my ears.
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I don't like them. I find it more enjoyable to just stare at a picture the album cover.

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I have on called electric sheep.I pretty much only turn it on when I'm really bored or high.But there is no doubt that putting on a record and a visualizer and staring at the alum sleeve is a classic stoner experience.Electric sheep+pot+Om's God Is Good=the next dimension
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Love them, though it depends on the genre.

If you want a really good one, Milkdrop 2 is awesome. Though it only worls for Winamp, which annoys me because I use Mediamonkey.

Mediamonkey has Morphyre, which can be interesting, though not as much as Milkdrop 2, and it works for Itunes (I think).
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quite the experience when you;re on acid
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