I'm thinking of getting a new overdrive pedal, but I dunno whether to get the tube-based Blackstar HT-DRIVE or the Nobels ODR-1. I've heard great things about both, and kinda like how both sound. The tone I'm going for is a 'slightly overdrived' sound similar to this Nobels ODR-1 demo:


Blackstar HT-DRIVE demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69qDWl5B4CM

But if anyone has any experience with the tube-based HT-DRIVE and thinks it might be a better choice I'd love to know your opinion and benefit from your experience.

Rig: Epiphone Les Paul Standard or Ibanez AF75TDG through a Blackstar HT-20 (Orange PPC112 cab).

If it comes down to it, budget isn't really a concern. I just am finding it really hard to decide what sounds better :/