will string height change the basic tone of the guitar? this is with the pup close to the strings but not touching. regardless of the string height. if this makes any sense. thanx.
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Probably. I haven't tested it, but I'd assume that when the pickups are closer to the strings, you get a brighter and louder sound than if they were farther away.

But then again, don't listen to my advice. I rarely have a clue about what the f**k I'm talking about. :P
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yes... string height and also the curvature of ur neck(by adjusting the truss rod) does affect the tone. You see.. the more the string height and the greater the bow (the neck is more concave), the strings have more room for vibration and thus the fundamental frequencies would be more prominent.
I know this cos ive experimented a bit.. but i would suggest you look into some blogs/articles on the web written by an expert.
I think you're referring to pickup height not string height. and yes, it does matter.

too low and the pickups wont have adequate magnetic pull to adequately "pick-up" the strings, and the tone will be weak. too high, and the pickups could pull too hard on the strings. this can cause tuning issues, but mostly it causes poor sustain/tone because the strings aren't able to vibrate freely.
From the setup thread, first post....

Adjusting pickup Height

too high and you might get a muddy tone. (and loss of sustain)
too low and you might get volume loss.
just right for extra bite. yes, the pup can be tilted closer to thick strings for more bass, closer to treble side for more treble. some poles, with screw heads are adjustable for tone "fine tuning". dont go lower than flush to the pup.

all that is well and good, but the slight tonal nuances might be lost
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awsome, thanks for the help. i was more concerned with the string height as opposed to the pup height, i was not getting much sustain from from a guitar that i recently purchased, an arc 300 that is known for having decent sustain. i got to fooling around with the string height and adjusted the pup height accordingly. not sure i found the sweet spot but im getting better tone. thanx again
epiphone gothic lp
ibanez arc-300
epiphone traditional pro lp
vox ad100vht head.
vox cab