Hi im looking to get my first tube amp in the near future but im not sure what to get. I play mostly metal (Megadeth, Metallica, Dream Theater, Maiden) and am looking for something that is good for both heavy riffs as well as soloing. My budget is anything between 5 and 800 CDN.

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Amp: Peavey vypyr 15w

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
Will you be gigging or playing with other people with it?
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If you can save up a little bit more, or find one used, the new Mesa Mini Recto head would be pretty cool.

A Blackstar 20 studio would do the trick, too, and you'd have some cash leftover for a nice boost/overdrive.
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Definitely try to get a Mesa...

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If you ever want to play with a drummer you need a bit of power. 20W bare minimum if you don't need good cleans but personally I don't like having less than about a 50W tube amp if there is a drummer in the room with me.

The Traynor is a good suggestion. So would a Valve King as long as you replace the speaker (so budget that in). Egnater Tweaker or a Rebel would be worth a look at too as would Jet City.
Upgrading to a 60W Vyper Tube would be a viable option too.
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Used DSL? No idea how rare/expensive they are in Canada. Over here you could easily find a DSL401 for $5-600. They don't sound nearly as good as the heads though, IMO.

You could get a Peavey Windsor, if you don't need cleans. I suspect you do though.

It's pretty much impossible to go wrong with a Peavey JSX. The combos are fairly rare though.
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Thanks for all the suggestions guys, i really appreciate it. I think il either go for a mini mesa, Blackstar 20 studio or a Peavey 6505 + 1X12 Combo. Again thank you for all the advice