Starts off dramatic and slow, and gets pretty heavy and melodic towards the end. Some celtic influence here, though it wasn't intentional it just came out. Must be the spirit of Gary Moore in my midst. Anyway, thanks for listening!

I liked this a lot. It's very close to the sound/feel I've been trying to get lately and I am definitely interested to see what you can produce next (I listened to your other stuff, too). I didn't notice anything out of place or weak, but my opinion is far from professional. I need to get off my ass and start recording some stuff....I do too much screwing around on guitar and not enough serious stuff. Anyway, I would say keep on doing what you're doing.
Insomnium, Noumena, Katatonia- My favorite bands
Thanks for that! I should say that its fine if you're opinion is far from "professional", everyone's entitled to like or dislike based on what they hear. Besides, I'm positive a professional producer could rip me to shreds on some things I do or don't do. But that's why I make it a point - with every song I post - to point out what I use, and it sure as hell ain't high end. I'm always proud of being able to do a lot with very little, whether its recording virtually everything on my laptop or tearing it up on a Squier Strat. I'm glad you enjoy my music! More to come (as job, wife and kids allow for).
I really enjoyed this. The melodies are great. I like how you used the same basic melody and changed it slightly to prevent it from getting boring