I have an RR24 and it has a floyd rose.

Whenever I do bend on one string and hold another string stationary at the same time, to get that raunchy kind of sound, the stationary string goes out of tune.

Is there any way to prevent that from happening?

I understand what is happening with the bridge and that I can just bend the other string up a bit to get to the right pitch. Its hard as hell to get it right though. I hate the floyd rose because of that.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to fight that? I was thinking maybe if I lighten my high string gauges a bit it wouldn't have as much of an effect cause the low strings will be able to keep it in place without as much force coming from the high strings. I'd rather not because I don't them any looser.

I'm in drop C .11, .15, .19, .30, .42, .56 are my gauges
something you have to live with. You could lay down $50 and buy a tremel-no, was a great investment for me. switch between hardtail and floating fairly easy.
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i am not going to save live with it (essentially you do however) but more adapt to it.

i don't know what all you have for guitars, but i would never own a floyd guitar without a hardtail/tom/non trem. tremolos have their use, but there is just as much use for a hardtail. just different.
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You can block the bridge & tighten the springs so the bridge won't pull up as much when doing bends. This will take you from a full floating tremolo to a dive-bomb only set up. I've used this before but I've ended up installing Hipshot tremsetters so I can still be full floating. Tremsetters do let you stay full floating but you still get a bit of that flatting of other notes as you bend that you're talking about.
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Just don’t play another note while you bend on a floating trem. Problem solved.
Assuming you want to keep the bridge free floating, you will just have to learn to bend the second string slightly. Increasing tension on one string by bending will inevitably loosen the others slightly.
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Just don’t play another note while you bend on a floating trem. Problem solved.

I never thought about that...

Thanks guys, I'll learn to deal with it then.
You have to hold the trem in place while you do it so it doesn't move and go out of tune.
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