Two new videos on our YouTube page youtube.com/fiftiethparallel

These are two original pieces. We have also posted a cover of Right In Two by Tool which you can find on our YouTube page or in the 'covers' section of this forum.

Fiftieth Parallel - Sun Came Out

Fiftieth Parallel - Rapid Fire

You an expect a new video to be posted each week for the next few months.
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Bit of a delay in getting the links posted on here. Below are the links to the next five videos on our YouTube page - all original pieces except the drum cover.
Influences from John Butler, Michael Hedges, Kyuss, Tool and Zeppelin among others can be heard in our music - we call it progressive acoustic.

The Movement
Really Chill One
Island In The Sky
Down The Road

Show Me How To Live - Audioslave (drum cover)

Check us out on YouTube: youtube.com/fiftiethparallel - comment & subscribe
Also, we're on Facebook facebook.com/fiftiethparallel - show dates and other info is posted on there

Got some videos to share...

Opening two tracks from our CD - guitar & djembe:
Blue Hour // Drifting Moods

Pink Floyd inspired:
Red & Blue

One of the oldest pieces we still currently perform:

One of our favourites... Filmed live on beautiful Quadra Island, B.C:
Into The Wind

Busy summer coming up this year - hope to see some of you at a few of our shows.