There are all kinds of guitars that get recommended on these boards, After a while, you notice the same brands & models get reccomended quite often. And for good reason- those brands and models offer a lot to those who use them.

However, there are all kinds of manufacturers and luthiers out there who are doing things just a wee bit differently from everyone else. Chrysalis Guitars had their collapsing carbon-fiber "inflatable" guitar; Babicz Guitars have their innovative bridge; Gottschall guitars has its funnelbody.

I own a nice Jon Kammerer thinline acoustic electric that uses a curved body to project its sound better than you might expect for its dimensions (conceptually similar to Ovation's bowl-back), and am probably going to get one of his headless "dreadnoughts" that use similar construction.

So, what unusual guitars have you guys owned or tried that don't necessarily get a lot of mention around here? Who are the innovators of style & acoustics that YOU like?
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