I believe today is the first time I've heard of this amp. Tell me about them.
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30th Anniversary Marshall. Arguably one of the best Marshalls ever made, albeit a sleeper hit. Youtube it.
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It was the anniversary model that they got right - the 30th. Considering what they were doing with the JCM900's at the time it is a surprising amp. It's what the JCM900 should have been. No op-amps or diodes to be seen. Well, a transistor or two doing some switching and of course all the MIDI switching but that's all away from the signal.
Three channels. No reverb. Series FX loop. And did I mention - MIDI!
They were a port of sanity in a troubled time in the Marshall camp.
Early ones had EL34's later ones had 5881's.

Good luck trying to find one.
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I've let two slip through my grasp in the past 3 years.

A 6100LM sat at the local music store for over a year, unbought, because my hatred of the store and refusal to shop there outweighed my desire for the amp.
Tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy.
You can probBLY FIND SOME ON EBAY FOR $1000+.
Thats what most high end discontinued marshalls retail for.
I used to own an EL34 model and had a 6L6 model a few months ago as well. The EL34 is definitely the more classic Marshall sound, but damn, that 6L6 version got pretty brutal. Never liked any other Marshall with 6L6/5881s in it, but that thing was seriously surprising. Only cost $600, too
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