Budget? Location? etc.

otherwise i'd say something like a
JCM800 2203
Soldano SLO

Something like that, they'll all nail the hair metal tone pretty good
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Budget? Location? etc.

otherwise i'd say something like a
JCM800 2203
Soldano SLO

Something like that, they'll all nail the hair metal tone pretty good

I can nail that sort of tone with a 6505+ + greenbacks + low output pickups...
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My budget is about 3 Grand. I live in Canada. But I will drive anywhere or order anywhere.

Just gem the Marshall JCM800, did a quick search and im pretty sure its what that band uses anyways
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JCM800 2203
Soldano SLO

I heard all of them and I like the Soldano SLO so far the most... But ill research the Marshall more
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I think Im going to go with the Soldano SLO.... The ****ing thing goes to 11 after all

Just know they are expensive as all hell, Soldano does make a few other amps that sound pretty close at a lower price as well.
If you're a real 90's hair metal fan, a Marshall JCM800 2203, right stated above, could be the amplifier what you're after. Soldano makes great amplifiers and all, but that thing could be too versatile for your liking. However, if you like EVH's tone, you could get a EVH 5150 II or Peavey 5150/6505. If you like Vai's tone, you could get Carvin Legacy or X100B, which is an amazing amplifier for the price. I'd still say that the Marshall is your best bet. Any hot-rod Marshall would do great, maybe even the RR signature.
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The vast majority of 80's hair metal bands used jcm800's, even back then SLO's were fairly rare and expensive as hell. You might want to run an ibanez tubescreamer into one aswell to boost your leads, an original 80s one if you can.
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An SLO would be perfect, but just know that like any amp for that sort of music, they have to be loud. If you can't play loud, you'd be better off getting something like an Axe FX.

You should try to get one used, so you can get the cab too. Don't cheap out on the cab, it's important.

If you want to save some money, the Jet City JCA100 will also get you there.

Something by Splawn might also be worth looking into. Maybe someone can elaborate more on that.

Note that studio tone is pretty much impossible to replicate live. You'll always be just a few ticks short.
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yeha anything based on a hot rodded jcm800 or a soldano slo or similar should work for that
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