So im thinking of gettin a Overdrive or Fuzz pedal for my bass
my ideal bass sound would be something Between Black Sabbaths firs album and Mötorhead's Ace of Spades so can anyone recommend a good and reliable Bass Overdrive of Fuzz pedal that would give me the sound im looking for
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I you want to sound like Lemmy, you have to use full treble on both your instrument and amp, so that you can get nearer to his bass sound.
Even if it's a pedal guitar, I'd recommend the Boss DS-1. It's cheap, reliable, and I use it a lot when I play bass, it gives it a nice fuzzy tone that you can adjust with the tone and distortion knobs.
If I'm not mistaken, Geezer used a old Laney guitar tube amp for their debut, and Lemmy is known to use two cranked marshall superbass amps.

To thet the sound you want, you would most likely need an all-tube amp, such as the Marshall VBA400 og the AMPEG SVT with the mids and treble boosted. Crank the gain and use a pretty aggresive play-style, and you should be good to go.

Seeing as a new amp would most likely be out of your reach, you could try the Tech21 VT bass. It gets a lot of praise in these forums, and I love mine to death.

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If you go fuzz, get one with a blend option. As much as I love the bushy bison/woolley mammoth sound, it's almost impossible to EQ
You can't sound like Lemmy with a fuzz or overdrive.
Especially not with an Epiphone Thunderbird.

Anyway, the closest you'll get to it is probably with a Sansamp Bass Driver or a Tech 21 VT bass, and you should probably use the bridge pick up.
There are lots of options for bass overdrive now, Boss ODB3, Ibanez Phat Head, Sansamp bass driver, Digitech bass driver. Just go to a shop and try them. Your not gonna be able get the gear used by Lemmy and Geezer but you can find a distortion you like.
I personally just crank the preamp on my basic 50. now that's a beautiful sound