Hey thanks for the crit, glad you liked my stuff. I'll definitely pocket your advice.

Now it's my turn:

First thing I should say is I don't like djent (Closest I get is probably Nevermore/Adagio).

(0:00-1:28): The intro has great dynamics. Not djent at all. I loved it. It went on for a tad to long (Try adding in a counter-melody in the last progression) but was otherwise excellent.
(1:29-1:59): This is why I don't like. Uninventive chugging. Can't say I'm a fan. The recording quality is top-notch though.
(2:00-2:29): The presentation of this section is generic but the tonal properties are quite interesting. Try using something else for the percussion and avoid the chugging (IMO).
(2:30-2:58): Nice and dynamic. Quite dissonant which works well for tension.
(2:59-3:13): Again with the uninventive chugging and such.
(3:14-4:19): Rhythmically this is almost like Trad Jazz with the triplet accents. But it's also chugging. So it's fairly average to me.

Overall I thought you had some good ideas and some bad ideas. If you were to work on some thematic development on the parts I did like (Such as key, modal and metric modulations, rhythmic and timbre variation etc) then you'd have a new fan.

Don't take it too harshly though, I'm sure Djent fans will love it.
Thanks man I appreciate your honesty. Especially considering this isn't your favourite style etc.

I should have mentioned that certain sections of the song were left simple and repetitive for vocal room and so forth, but I appreciate the constructive criticism none the less. Any further listeners take note, it was written with vocals in mind!

Thanks again!
Really love the introduction. Reminds me of Dnb a lot! which I love.
When it kicks in the laying of guitars sounds really nice and set the atmosphere of the song well. Reminds me of Devil Sold His Soul who I played with a while back. Really good band!
You've got a really nice tone on this track and the 'chugging' breakdowns really benefit from it.
Not a massive fan of the octave style leads that come in and out of the song. A lot of bands have done it before so it can boarder line generic. But the structure and song writing skills back it up.
the end riff is proper good by the way. wish I though of something like that!
an amazing way to finish the track.
add some vocals on top and you'll be sorted