Title pretty much says it all. the Strat is second-hand while the S570b is brand new. I play lots of kinds of music, from jazz to pop to blues to heavy rock. I want something that has a really nice clean tone but can also handle heavy distortion. So, i wanna know which of the two can do that better
both woold work.I own a strat and two ibanez s2170 and s420 with is beter for heavy dist.fender is more reliable
if youre getting a strat id get a hot rail in one of the pickups, but the ibanez will be more versatile so id go with that
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Hey!! Check the classifieds forums. I have a pristine MIM 70s Strat with Fender Custom Shop Texas Special pickups for sale for $400. I'll even go half on shipping.

Its a friggin steal. Think about it!