decided to finally start recording this song, sadly all i had was my busted ESP guitar (major intonation problems) and my Dean vendetta.

Kinda happy with how it sounds, when i get my main guitar back i'll be rerecording it.

would love to know what you all think.

normally i write either postrock/metal or sludge.
Very cool. Love it! Just needs to be longer. Rinse and repeat maybe? I didn't hear it with my headphones, but my initial impression is the drums could use some reverb, and the clean guitar chime might do with some delay or something. Just wetten it up a little. But altogether fantastic writing.

Check out mine?

Writing is solid but production needs work. As it stands the djent isn't very djenty and the ambient isn't very ambient. But it's only a rough recording so it's excusable. Just make sure if you do anything more with this track that you take that into mind.
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