All right, so I just finished this song last night, and it's probably the last tab I'll be submitting for a while. I created this in GP6, so the conversion to GP5 may not be great, so I have included a link to a WAV file of the GP6 version, for those who are interested and don't have GP6. I would really love some feedback on this. Of course, any feedback will be reciprocated as long as you link me to what you want me to crit. Just a forewarning, the song is rather long (a little over 8 minutes).


WAV: http://www.mediafire.com/?qx5bazk09e4c42x
Make Believe In Me.zip
I wrote a song about war...
The kind that lives in your head.
Nice work Love the atmosphere, the little break you got there with the keyboard at 83 (i think) is well made.

Also I really like the harmonies you made. Although if you listen to the background guitar is kinda simple, but it really goes well with everything else.

From the bar 200 IMO sounds some sort of melodic doom or something, wich really moods it up
And I really like the outro as it finish the song the same as it begun.

Great work and keep it on!

P.D Feel free to listen to any of my tabs, although they are in GP5
I didn't really care for the distorted rhythm stuff you had going on, or even the clean stuff in the beginning, but the clean lead along with the bass made it sound good.
The stuff starting at bar 65 was pretty good though. I like your lead parts, not sure how I would describe them but they just sound very pretty.
Stuff at bar 83 with the keyboard was nice too, liked the transition. Then the lead part over it almost reminds me of Modest Mouse in a weird way.
Also liked the way your harmonized the piano starting at bar 166. Gave it an almost depressing 'end of a movie' type feeling. Like you would hear that when everything is going to hell for the main character or whatever, I don't know how to describe it, it just sounds pretty.
I didn't really care for the ending with the bass riff though.

Overall this song is pretty good. If you were to take just the riffs alone they're nothing special, but together as a whole this song is really nice and gives off a great feeling. I really liked it.

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