I mentioned this amp in a thread about the Peavy Vypyr 15W and didn't get a lot of response.

There's one that may be available for what I've read would be a fairly reasonable price ($100 to $120).

I don't know anything about amps, as I'm just starting out. I have been told, though, that the small amps like the Peavey Vypyr 15W I have now won't be able to do some things I want, such as give a wide range of pre-gain distortion even with a pre-gain pedal.

I've read good reviews and mediocre reviews. Any opinions or words of wisdom to pass along?

Thanks for any replies.
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I have one, it's not a bad amp by any means. It can get pretty loud (you can clearly hear it over somebody slamming on drums), I think it's a 65w. Its overdrive channel's a little weak, so you'll definitely want a pedal for anything needing a lot of gain.

Me and my cousin both play on it all the time. I usually play metal, and he usually plays country/blues stuff. It sounds good for both, but I'd say it's better for country, rock, and blues.

If you're literally just starting out, I'd reccommend it. There are definitely better amps out there, but the Express is a good mid-point. But you'll definitely want a good distortion pedal if you're looking for high gain.
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