Okay, so i have a line 6 spider 4 15 watt amp and i need to get a Kings of Leon or Arctic Monkeys sound out of it... Or something along those lines at least, it doesn't have to be perfect because it's just for a song I want to make.

Buying a new amp is out of the question but if anybody could give me an idea of what channels and settings I can use to get near as possible to that tone, it would be great.

I have a really cheap Stratocaster guitar aswell, I don't know if that's relevant or not...

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
Please use the settings thread, or I believe there might be another website specifically for patches and settings on Line 6 products.
Probably the crunch channel with gain on like 7/8.

Been a long time since I've played a spider though. although, i seem to remember playing arctic monkeys on the insane channel with gain turned to like 3/4.

Those were the days when I thought the insane channel fixed everything though. Aha.
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