Thanks a lot Pettah! I appreciate your positive feedback.

Listened to your clips, not bad! Of course production and recording is on Demo level but there's definitely some musical vibe there, keep up working...you're going in the right direction!
I like the legato at the end of the clip!
Thanks for your comment MentaLrz!

It's a Carvin model that I bought In L.A. back in 1993 when I was studying at M.I.

The Exact model is DC135.

Thanks for your advice...I'll try to pay more attention to the bendings!!
Very lovely stuff. Can't really bring any critique to the table. Maybe mixing wise,take some high mids off of the bass? Maybe.
Love the harmonies and the hmm... youthfulness of the song. Very fresh and tasteful.

Would quite appreciate some criticism on this. Much obliged.
Thanks A lot LunyAlex!
The bass player was Ricky Wolking (he's been the bassist of Jennifer Batten for a period of time back in the nineties) and the sound he delivered was very full of mid tones....actually it was his style also I guess that focused a lot on the high-mid tone...

I've listened to you soundclip, nice sounding, overall it's good. Drums is a little bit tiny for my taste...but it's a matter of taste of course

thanks for your comment!
I liked a lot the "youthfulness" definition LunyAlex gave to thesong...really defines what I wanted to point out with this song he he