Hey guys, I know this has been done thousands of times but oh well

basically I'm thinking of may be getting a custom guitar. So far I've been a strat guy for about 7-8 years. I'm a shredder/metal guy so I got it all modded really. Anyways I'm thinking of 24 frets, floyd rose or supervee trem, dual rail pickups and the rest being a strat body you know...

anyways I'm still considering may be getting another guitar. Like an explorer may be??
what's your favorite shape and why? Like the way flying V feels when ung on your shoulder or how the fretboard appears to your hand etc.

here's what I usually look like on stage or something so this might give you a nice idea on what to suggest really?

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I'd say Charvel.
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SG, or super Strat....Les Pauls are cool to I guess.
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Just to look at, I favour single cuts - specifically Les Pauls and carved top Telecasters for rhythm, and flat top Teles for lead. But for functionality, nothing beats the contours and balance of a Jazzmaster.
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I've always liked LP shaped guitars. I like how they have a classic look about them, but that they can be modernized and made to look cool without being garish. I like cleaner super-strats for the same reason.

that being said, given how you look on stage, you might be able to pull off a cool shape. of the wackier ones, I really like the BC Rich mockingbird. I think it looks really cool without being goofy or too strange. also really like off-set V's like Rhoads models.
I like the way Les Pauls look, but I can barely play past the 16 fret with them.
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I don't know who the manufacturer is, but my guitar shop just got in a guitar with a Thunderbird body, it looks amazing.

Other than that, I like Ibanez RG or Explorer.
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A good LP shape is always a plus for me, and I'm a sucker for flamed koa. Although, I like the various super-strat styles out there too.
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OT: I always found this shape to be ridiculously sexy on a metal/rock guitar

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I've always loved Stars(as in, like, Charvel/Kramer/Jackson Stars, not the Bootsy Collins-type bass) and old-fashioned Gibson Vs. I like white Superstrats with black pickguards a LOT too. But...I think this V's probably my dream guitar:

That or Flux'D's Gibson V. I've also got a love of walnut Thinline Teles with black pickguards, covered neck humbuckers and black headstocks always get me, and crackle finish just about anything and I'm all over it too.
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<3 that body shape. Too bad I hate the necks.

It might be too much for you, though.

Get a double-cut, but not like a strat.

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Anyway I have technically statutory raped #nice

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once a girl and i promised to never leave each other

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Explorer's are really cool but strats are real classy even some superstrats as long as they arent ointy at the horns (i.e. schecter, ibanez S) and firebirds too.
My favorite shapes in no particular order, are Strats, Superstrats, and the PRS Custom 24 shape.

Was always a Strat guy, wouldn't even consider any other shape for a guitar, until I saw the Custom 24! Now I can't decide which is cooler. So I gotta have both!