Hey guys! I just wrote and recorded a new track, it´s not mixed yet and I play quite sloppy sometimes, but I don´t care cause I like it anyway!

I would be really happy if you could give some critique, bad, constructive and well good critique also if you liked it


And as always C4C!!


If you like it you can listen to my other instrumental on the channel!

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Not bad at all I must say especially for a quick recording good job mate. The opening riff maybe goes on for a bit to long,I was waiting for the change at 1.15 a bit earlier in my opinion, but hey my song has the exact same problem and is even longer haha so who am I to judge :P Your a really skilled guitarist i might check out some more of your stuff and even subscribe

would you mind a c4c ? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1530019
I like it very much man! Sounds very good! The intro riff is really awesome, the bends at time sound just a LITTLE out of tune to me, but I could be wrong on that. I like how it flows, it flows very well. The leads are all very awesome. Great job man!
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Thanks for the crit earlier.

Sounds Good.

The opening riff is pretty repetitive but it gives the song a nice theme to build off of. I find that the tone of your lead guitar really fits the moving parts well. The drums and rythym guitar don't appear to be any sort of feature but they are nearly completely hidden by the lead part. Maybe up the volume a small amount on those background instruments to make them a little more noticeable.

Other than that I really enjoyed the song and your "sloppy" playing is hardly noticeable for me. Besides, the few "sloppy" portions gave the song character. So yeah, keep up the good work.
Some crit, as promised! I liked this a lot overall! The intro lead riff was pretty cool, but wasn't strong enough to go on for as long as it did - I saw someone else say the same thing, kinda expected it to end earlier. I think you managed to get many nice melodies into this song, the solo was interesting to hear.

As for the mixing, I think you got a great sound on the rhythm guitars that comes in after the intro - spacious and beefy. And the guitar lead harmony thing at around 1:50 had a really interesting tone! The drums, though, felt a little off volume-wise and especially during the heavier part before the interlude, where the snare mysteriously disappeared... This was all-in-all fun to listen to, good job for just being a rough recording of fresh ideas. Would like to hear more!

EDIT: Just wondering, you swedish? In that case, tjenare landskamrat
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Very heard to judge without any kind of mix work so I'll focus on song writing.

Personally I found the same riff being played for well over a minute infuriatingly annoying, could just be me.

Song really starts to be good at the two minute mark, some nice rhythm guitar going on and some cool lead parts.

Ambient breakdown section is pretty cool too, I'd add some HUGE reverb to this in the mixing section if it were me.

Reintroduction was cool, thought I was expecting some big explosion of sound, but what you had was cool too.

Seems a shame that you're outro was just a fade out, seems like a wasted opportunity.

What you have is competent but I wouldn't call it amazing. To me it sounds like Pseudo Classic Prog rock. Like it's trying to be complicated but just isn't. I feel the intro suffers from repetitiveness and lack of rhythm, I just kinda felt like I was drowning in a wash of lead parts. A decent mix with drums and bass though might add some cohesion back and fix that issue.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1533162
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