Peavey MS 412 cab.

I dont know much about it as I did get it used.

It is front loaded and sounds pretty tight. Obviously not a real high end cab but its not all that bad either.

Has a few scuffs and small tears. Normal wear and tear of a gigging cab that wasnt babied but overall fair condition.

The speakers are Eminence P50's, they are the "Pitbull" version. They are used, broke in and in good condition.

Looking for $300 + ship, can sell speakers seperately. Can meet for pickup within reason. Located in 63385, near St. Louis, MO

References: I have done most dealings on Rig-Talk.com, ss.org, tgp.net, maddn0tez on ebay

I tried to upload pics, it says the files are too large???

Email me at maddnotez@gmail.com I can send pics

Edit: Might do trades for pedals, good cables or guitar....
Bump...cmon the speakers are worth more than $300 alone...They are the ones used it vht/fryette cabs