Hi, I'm portuguese and I have searched everywhere for a good tab for the song "Anda comigo ver os aviões" by "Os Azeitonas", it's a portuguese song. The thing is: I have not found a single text tab.

I have found a guitar pro tab, but I dont have guitar pro and that tab is just perfect. So here's my request: Could any of you either copy the guitar pro tab, or convert the tab or even create a tab for the song?

The tab link: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/o/os_azeitonas/anda_comigo_ver_os_avies_guitar_pro.htm
converted songs from GuitarPro5 are a bit difficult to read. why dont you try Power Tab or Tuxguitar as an GP5 alternative instead. I surely dont know if these programms can open gp5 tabs but you should try at least, because theyre free.
good luck