This was a very decent Punkrock song! It gave me feelings of bands like Millencolin and some parts Green Day I really like how you varied your drums! It could use some bass and vocals like everyone have said! The guitar solo was good!

I like how the parts in the song transitions to eachother aswell, cause this is a quite simplistic genre that usually ends up in intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus chorus END, but I didn´t feel like yours did, you kept it interesting the whole way trhough Good riffin!

Wanna crit mine?

Sounds cool - I'd be interested in laying down some screams - thinking pennywise/antiflag style sorta with my own tinge - I got cubaSE SX3 and Artist 6 only problem is I'm in South Africa but it could be an interesting project here's some of my bands stuff http://www.reverbnation.com/skuffmullet - I write the songs and the vox but I'd dig to lay down something to someone else's music - let me know if you keen (have you got lyrics/melodies in mind? or do you need me to write some)