So I have a Douglas Shadow (Les Paul copy) and a set of EMG Select Passives. i need help wiring. the wiring diagram isn't correct.

They were originally coil tapped in my Douglas Spad Pro (replaced with EMG 81/65). I want them in my Shadow. 2 Humbucker, 2 Volume, 2 Tone, 3-Way.

This is the diagram i used:

i plug it into my amp, get ALOT of feedback, and the pups barely make any sound at all. i tried reversing the output wires too, nothing works. the diagram says to leave the red wires unconnected (coil tapping maybe?) they were originally: 2 humbuckers, 1 volume, 1 tone, 5-Way switch.

some please help out? trying to sell this guitar and need it completed and working properly first.

the pots are 500k. the cap was originally soldered middle to right(grounded to the pot), and the schematic says to solder them middle (T) to middle (V). idk if thats the problem. the guitar was COMPLETELY rewired yesterday with 10 and 8 guage wire. for the most part.

This thing has been a complete NIGHTMARE to wire. the problem is NOT the pickups, it did the same thing for the stock ones after i put all the electronics back in this guitar.

should i buy new pots & switch? or is it a stupid little mistake in the wiring? help people!

symptoms: Loud feedback, muddy sounding, only treble setting on switch works, feedback stops when in middle position, hardly makes any sound

EDIT: I forgot to wire right (T) to Gr(V), it works now, but it makes a very loud buzz
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