Hey guys sorry bout the title I didnt know what to call it. So ive been really into john butler for a while and I noticed he always has that beat ya know? And i was watching videos and its just him tapping his foot...Well he has a mic pointed down to pick up the sound. I dont have any mics but I really wanted something like this. Is there a box or something you can build specifically that will resonate sound from tapping your foot on it? Thanks!
i forget waht its called but it exists let try to find a link for you

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Stomp box.
I built one myself.

Buy yourself a Piezo pickup on Amazon for like £1, buy some wood, hollow it out (assuming you have the tools) stick some vanish on it, install the pickup, run it into a PA.
Okay okay...Ive never built anything guitar gear wise or even messed around with pickups. Okay I got the tools to hollow out a wooden box. So I just buy a pickup and uhh...Does it come with the 1/4'' spot for the jack in? And would I want a really hollow box with lots of space inside? Lol thanks...
I was in a band that featured the "the Floppy Boot Stomp" on several songs. I just used a mic, a pine board about 1" thick and a particular pair of floppy boots for best tone.
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Yeah but I dont have a mic. I found a tesla transducer for 18 bucks. Would a hollow piece of wood work or would a cigar box or something like that sound better?