I was having a chat with a friend of mine.

Her mother is in hospital and she's visiting her all the time, about 3-4 hours a day. Meanwhile, her brother shows up for 10 minutes and leaves. If she leaves after 2 and a half hours her mom gets pissy at her. But...he can do whatever he wants?

She tells me a friend of her is in a similar situation.

This isn't the only time I've noticed this. It's the same with my maw and my grandma. She has to work twice as hard, and my uncle gets away with half of it.

So, what's the deal?

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Maybe they're closer to eachother than the son and the mother?
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Hmm. I must be pretty lucky; as far as my mum's concerned, when she's in hospital, if she's got her kindle and a charger, we could be manniquins for all she cares.
In that respect, hospital for her is like being at home.
My girlfriend has to go walk the dogs with her mother early in the morning, and other shit like that, but her brothers don't have to. For example: They all can cook, and they all make dinner, taking turns (brothers too). But it's just some ******ry that only she has to endure from her mom, only difference from her brothers is that she is a girl. I hate her bitching mother.
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Maybe they just have horrible sexist moms.
I've never seen examples of this myself.
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OT: "She's probably just picking favorites." tell your friend that, might cheer her up.

Tell that to her brother for lulz.
Probably for similar reasons why fathers spoil their daughters.

I have 2 sisters, my mother goes easy on me. My father will do anything my sisters ask for.

Probably a lot of bs to do with traditional gender roles which we may or may not be biologically pre-disposed to. Maybe with a child of the same gender you expect them to become the ideal person you are/aren't, while with opposite genders you just see an innocent version of your partner.

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