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Just wondering, don't want to turn this into another creationist debate or something silly, I just want to know if there is a strong atheist community on these forums.

If so, what made you decide to become one?

To me, it started out mostly being picked on through middle school all the time, and then I discovered forms of music that got me thinking about the world, political, religious affairs and so on, it toughened me up a bit, also moving to the north west where people are a bit more reclusive then people in the south east. Science always inspired me, so I always wanted to look for answers to some things that are STILL today unclear.

I apologize if there was a post on this topic, but sometimes I believe it's necessary to face a topic like this, because when it comes down to it humans are quite manipulative creatures stuck in a backwater planet in a universe not-so known and friendly. I mean who's to say I can't make a reference to our situation as a whole vs the universe in comparison to an isolated town in the middle of a prairie.
The religion and philosophy thread is where you'll want to take this. It's also about 90% athiest on any given day.
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Well I was not raised in a religious environment, and I wasn't indoctrinated as a kid. At some point I learned a bit about Christianity and thought "wow, this is really dumb".
I became and athiest around age 10 or so. I jsut kept thinking and what my catholic parents were teachign me just didn't add up in my brain.

By about 14 i became a nihilst and that's it. (Had a shit ton of thinking, and then started looking for things on similar beliefs. Low and behold i found Nietzche a few days in.)
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