Playthrough video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6st53T3A0g

Just released this song tonight. It's from my solo project Bleeding Skies' new EP dropping on april the 28th!

Appeciate any feedback good and bad!

Can also be found here but youtube destroyed the audio with it's compression.


Thanks in advance guys
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Wow... Awesome!

I remember discovering your soundclick profile a long time ago. I listened to every song, over and over again on a regular basis. I feel privileged to be the second commenter on this thread this song blew my socks off. ****!

No but really... very inspiring. Djent (the style, genre, whatever, you basically know what im talking about) has always had a special place in my heart. Its fun to downtune, and write the craziest ****ing grooves ever. Its just as fun to play them.

But anyways, would you mind checking out my song?:


Its no where near as technical. But I did apply riffs similar to the Djent-style. Maybe more on the groove metal side, like Pantera. But you might still like it, Ive been trying to promote it for a few days now with little luck. 100 views a day? I dont know, tell me what you think of it though.