So we all know that your sense of smell is pretty much the strongest and it invokes a lot of memories when you smell something familiar. But your mouth is also pretty awesome.

I just ate a sub with the same ingredients and such that I used to eat 10 years ago. It made me remember a bunch of stuff.

Ever have this happen to you? What kind of things do you remember?
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Placenta, it brought back a ton of memories from when I was really little.
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Certain ice lollies. You used to get them in Asda, just fruit flavour and the raspberry one was the dogs bollocks. Not seen them for a good 10/11 years.
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I just had a piece of toast with nutella after dinner and I have to admit it did bring back a lot of childhood memories...

Brings back memories of going to Rockport, MA with my mom and grandmother when I was about 5 or so.
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