ok im considering going to buy either an acoustic or electro acoustic but have oly ever really played electric, im looking to spend about £300 on the guitar alone at most even if its impossible to tell me an exact model to go for could someone give me a tip at least in terms of possible models or even brands, even wether or not an acoustic or electro acoustic would be better :P
I'd recommend Takamine guitars 100%. I have an EG511SSC and I absolutely love it. It was $600 new so I think that's around 375 pounds.


Looks through all of the models on that page and try and find something that you like, then you can go into a store and try it out or at least look at reviews and watch videos to hear how it sounds.
I would suggest you to go to a shop and try as many as you can but don't rush into any purchase, take your time and go to as many guitar shops as you can. Also play expensive guitars that maybe artists that you like use, just to decide what your looking for.
I am also trying to buy an acoustic guitar and the last few days i have tried around 20 different guitars to decide what i needed. Things to think about is do you really need an acoustic with electrics now or do you just want a nice acoustic ( you can always add electronics). It will be nice to get a guitar with Solid top that's important if you want a nice rich sound. Also something that i might like you might hate so just try them and buy what you really like. A few brands that make nice guitars in your range are Sigma(made by martin I believe in Korea), Recording King, Art and Lutherie/Simon & Patrick/Seagull(the same company) also Ibanez and Yamaha makes some nice acoustics within your price range. (for example that one )

Hope that helps, Good Luck

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