Hi I like to play my chords in the thumb over style as Roy Orbison does and I can't seem to figure out what he's doing to get his Bb chords. I can reach my thumb over enough to mute but not fret the A string making the chord this:


but I really want to get the bass note or find another way to finger the chord that transitions well to F. He makes a transition F to Bb at 1:08, Bb to F at 1:53 here


This song also has the progression F -> Bb -> C, not as many good angles on his hand but you could figure it out if you're good.


I'd really appreciate if you guys could help me out, this is the last chord thats giving me trouble.
Index finger hits the 1st on the high E
Bar the B, G, and D strings on the 3rd with your ring finger
Mute the A with the tip of your ring finger and either play it so you don't hit the low E, or mute the low E with your thumb if your hand is big enough.
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Bb is not played with The Higher string so What I do is I use my palm to mute it. My index finger on the first fret and putting my ring finger on the third fret all the down.