Could someone please make a decent tab of the song union square by tom waits? I've been trying all week but can only get a crappy sketch
There is a chord version on this website of it... Seems like it is correct...unfortunately there is no version of the song on you tube for me to try it....
First off this is a hard song for guitar as you really don't hear one that much in the song.... However that said, I played it eliminating the 7th chords and just playing them as regular chords such as B, E and F#......Those seemed to work a lot better for me while playing along with the song from you tube...... I mean if you are just playing this for yourself and by yourself then to me these will work fine in these chords or any other set of three chords in this pattern to fit your voice..... Also maybe with tom's voice the guitar is tuned down a half step as well....Hope this helps........
I honestly hear a lot of guitar in it, I've gotten g major, do you happen to know ( or be able to figure out ) what mode its in?