this is a thread for ambidexterity. ambidexterity is different then cross-dominance which is where a person favors one hand for certain tasks and the other hand for other tasks.

so let's discuss.

name some people who are/were ambidextrous.

list some tasks were it would be beneficial to be ambidextrous such as playing quarterback? playing guitar? masturbating (if one hand/arm gets tired you can use the other)

i've read that there has been some baseball pictures who were ambidextrous. there was one guy who had a glove that was designed for both hands so he could switch his throwing arm between batters.

the only task that i can think were ambidextrous is common is being a switch hitter in baseball

let's find out how common ambidexterity is? i've read that most lefties learn to be ambidextrous and that it is very uncommon for a person to be born ambidextrous.

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Writing. You can write two pages at once.

you mean like writing the same thing on two different papers? it's a cool trick but not really beneficial. unless your teacher makes you write the same thing over and over again to teach you a lesson.
I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.
I'm not ambidextrous and your thread is discriminating against me. I demand a lock at once you prejudice piece of shit.
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I can bowl and golf with both hands.

Playing a guitar or bass left-handed is another story. >.<
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I'm trying to train myself to be slightly ambidextrous. I can write with my left hand now. It's sloppy but it's legible.
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I play guitar with both hands
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Ambidextrous fapping comes in handy

Oh yeah, I can write with both hands quite easily and play guitar with both hands.

(I play guitar much better right-handed because that's how I learnt and I write with my left normally although there's not too much difference in my writing now.)
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I play guitar with both hands

You must be some sort of genius!!
I'm left handed, but I favor my right hand for certain things. I cut food and play guitar with my right hand, but I comb hair, brush teeth, wipe ass, write etc. with my left.
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So you can in fact train your self to be ambidextrous? I always wondered about that..

i read that being left handed used to be frowned upon so at a young age lefties used to be taught to use their right hand which led to being ambidextrous.
I just want to know that I did all I could with what I was given.